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Draw Fashion Clothes

draw fashion clothes

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Clothed figure sketch 15 2011/06/12

Clothed figure sketch 15 2011/06/12

Here is a figure sketch based on a fashion photo, in which I tried to draw in two steps, a design phase for the overall structure of the figure and a refinement phase, in which I concentrate more on the details.

It's still a rough sketch, made in 20 minutes, but I think you can see I've done a few dozen sketches (short, 7 minutes long each). The drawing looks more considered, more thought-through. There's still room for improvement, quite a bit, actually, as there always is. Still, I think I captured the idea of the pose.

I will be doing more of these brief sketches, to develop a feel for proportions. Of course, the drawing above isn't very well suited for that, because the figure isn't standing upright, so it's harder to check the proportions.

One could argue why not do unclothed figure sketches? I'm surely want to do those too, but good (non-pornographic) images are less frequent than good fashion photos on the Internet. Also, it's much easier to ask someone to pose for me with her or his clothed on than without, in real life I mean. Typical clothed figure rates are 10 euros per hour (if I go by the rates my local community college uses). My guess is that nude models are much more expensive, but I could be wrong.

I'm still not confident enough to hire models, though, so for now I'm trying to improve my skills by using photos and short candid pose sketches (people in public spaces). Alas, the rates for the figure sketching course at my local community college has gone up this year (now 16 euros per 2 hour lesson, excluding modeling costs), so I'm unable to attend those, as I had planned.

Clothed figure sketch 6 2011/06/07

Clothed figure sketch 6 2011/06/07

In this version I only indicated the 8 divisions of the ideal proportions on the side, instead of drawing them across the paper, with descriptions for each line what it's supposed to be for.

Balance was a bit tricky in this pose. She somewhat bends her chest forward and balances it by pushing her pelvis backward, upper legs close together, giving her a typical non-threatening looking female posture, approaching a slight bowing pose, but not yet submissive. It signals to my eyes that she is approachable, yet still independent.

I'm guessing that the high heels make this posture necessary, aside from making it look like her legs are longer. I'm sure if she would have wore sneakers, she would had have a more "heroic" stance, with her legs spread apart more and her upper body more upright.

draw fashion clothes

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