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fashion bug home store

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  • Charming Shoppes is a specialty and plus size clothing retail holding company based in Bensalem, PA. Its subsidiaries are Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and Catherines. Clothes are sold from over 2300 retail stores in the U.S., as well as numerous catalogs and online sites.

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The Shirley Situation, a photo-story (part 11: Ambush! Also, you're all going to South Dakota. The end.)

The Shirley Situation, a photo-story (part 11: Ambush!  Also, you're all going to South Dakota.  The end.)

Shirleys: "Hi, Dearies!"


Shirleys: "Oh, goodness, you must be Sue Ellen! We've heard a lot about you! And we were big fans of Dallas back in the day, but after Season 6, the show really went downhill."

Sue Ellen: "You watched my show!?! Really?!? You're right, the quality was never as good in the later seasons as it was during the early 80s when *I* was the big star..."

*Sue Ellen is flattered by the Shirleys and continues bantering with them for a while*

Rosalie, thinking to herself: "Hmm...these Shirleys have hair similar in color to mine, but not nearly as lustrous...I'm still the most beautiful!"

Lenore: *thinking happy thoughts about fairies, gnomes, and elves*

Ronnie, whose beer buzz is gradually wearing off, thinking to herself: "Man, the Shirleys are definitely over 21...I wonder if they'd go to the liquor store for me?"

Stevie, thinking crazily to herself: "Okaaay...there were only two of them before...now there are three...they are still multiplying...proving that they are truly cylons! Or zombies! Definitely! I'm not crazy!"

Pam, thinking to herself: "Oh, yes, I forgot, the Shirleys are cool! I can hang around them until the Old Lady brings home a Blythe who isn't crazy, evil, materialistic, vain, drunk, flighty, super-religious, or five years old! The Shirleys are decent!"

Olive and Ruthie: "Yay! Hi, Shirleys! Let's play tag!"

Edina, thinking to herself: "Oh, my God! Look at the old-fashioned clothes the Shirleys are wearing! I'm embarrassed for them! Have they no style?!?"

Madge, mumbling The Hail Mary and thinking to herself: "This meeting could end badly...you never know with Sue Ellen and Stevie...these are tense times...I'm glad that I had a spare rosary on me...definitely a two rosary situation here!"

*At this point, Sue Ellen has been utterly charmed by the Shirleys*

Sue Ellen, finishing another story about Dallas: "...and would you believe it? J.R. had angered nearly EVERYBODY in Texas, AGAIN..." *laughs heartily* "But then, I could go on for days, telling you about those times..."

Old Lady (that's me!): Well, hi there, Everybody! I'm glad that you all are getting along so well, because you are taking a big group trip to South Dakota for the Spring! Surprise! Except for you, Pam. You're too new, I can't let you go yet."

Everyone, except Ruthie and Olive: *eyes bugging out of their heads and speechless*

Ruthie: "Yippee! South Dakota is FUN!"

Olive: "I can't wait! You told me that I would love it there!"

Pam, breathing sigh of relief that she doesn't have to travel with everyone: "Thank God."

And then all the Blythes and Shirleys went to South Dakota. The End. For now.

**The Blythes and Shirleys went to stay with my Mom while we get our house ready for sale (and hopefully when we move...fingers crossed...). I couldn't bear to let Pam go, though, because I just got her!

Alpena Mall, north wing

Alpena Mall, north wing

Starting at far left, background:

* Lee's clothing store. Before that, it was Winkleman's, a clothing store based in Detroit.
* RadioShack. Most likely original.
* Skiba Optical, formerly Pearle Vision, formerly NuVision. Before all that, it was a Kinney Shoes until the 1990s.
* JCPenney Home Store. Formerly a Marianne clothing store.
* Vacant slot. This was, incredibly, a Circus World, then a Kay-Bee Toys. It spent some time as a dollar store after Kay-Bee closed. Seriously, what is it with dollar stores in old Kay-Bee locations?
* Payless and Maurices, both of which I think are original.
* Part of the former Fashion Bug/Fashion Bug Plus combo.

About 11 months after I took this picture, RadioShack closed and Maurices moved to the west side of town.

fashion bug home store

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